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Mrs.Poongodi from Dharapuram, An Aesthetic person with a Passion of making things and people more Graceful, which was her strong desire from Childhood days.With this Attitude she chose her carrier to become a “Beautician” ,With this Desire she started up "யாழ் மகளிர் அழகு நிலையம் " for Women and Children in Dharapuram.

YAZHL” a peculiar word…. It’s a Name of a musical string instrument with Arched Harp used in Ancient Tamil Musical World. Also “YAZHL” became so admirable by the people of Dharapuram later.

Poongodi first step in doing “Diploma in Beauty Culture” (First Class) (2001-2002) .In “Avinashilingam Jan Shikshan Shansthan” – Coimbatore.Then did her “Diploma in Yoga for Human Excellance” (Distinction) (2009) in “Bharathiyar University” during her Hardtimes.

She is a Philomath in Learning things and acquiring knowledge that made her to observe things faster and Gain more knowledge in her field.

With the Assertiveness behaviour she stood strong even in her difficult situation.Having Started her first venture in just a Trivial space area, all alone with her self-confidence and sustainability. She sowed the seeds of Hardwork, Patience, Honesty, Courage, Self-awareness, and Wholeheartedness and Started Reaping Success in her field Slowly and Gradualy.

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I Strongly Believe that,
Not Only the Infrastructure gives you the Growth of an Organisation…
I Strongly Believe that the Perfection and Sincerity in our work along with Ethics we follow, takes you to the Next Level in our Carrier

YES, My Belief doesn’t fade away and it made a Huge Success. Now “Yazhl” became familiar among People of Dharapuram and started recognising Yazhl. Also started referring “Yazhl” to others for my Masterly work and intensive customer handling skills.Proud to say that “I have Earned lot of People’s Trust and Love”.

Its been 2 Decades, I am into this field and stepped in 21 st year and Now running in 400 sq. ft. work space with 2 assistants with me. Also started accomplising my dreams like My Own House, Vehicle.Learning never Ends. So “Yazhl” never fades….